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Michelle_PearsonMichelle Pearson, MA

Michelle is founder and president of two companies:
Wunjo IS, an interpersonal skills consulting company that includes coaching, team-building, Inter-Actor™ simulation and feedback, and media skills workshops.
Perspectives³, which offers skills workshops dedicated to providing three professional perspectives for any one discipline – opening minds to differentiated and possibility thinking.

Michelle has extensive experience with the communications skills departments at the University of Calgary in the faculties of Medicine and Veterinary Medicine. Similarly, she trains for the Medical Council of Canada and the Alberta International Medical Graduate program. In addition, Michelle is an accredited master facilitator; she and Pat (below) have also facilitated post-secondary educators in Kazakhstan.

Michelle has over 25 years of diverse communication experience. She advises a varied group of private and corporate clientele around the globe. Michelle completed her master’s degree in communication with Royal Roads University; her final research was comprised of identity, gender, social, power, violence, and constructionist studies.

Pat_PearsonPat Pearson

Pat Pearson is a master trainer, facilitator, and Inter-Actor with Wunjo IS. Pat joined the staff in the Cinema Television Stage and Radio Program (CTSR) at SAIT in 1975 where he taught radio, news presentation and speech for 20 years. After an additional 8 years in administration in various roles from student liaison through coordinator of several programs and finally instigating the Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition Program, Pat retired from SAIT only to be called back as Interim Dean of the Centre for Academic Learner Services (CALS) in 2005 followed by another stint as Director of the Centre for Technical and Instructional Development (CITD). It was during that final placement that Pat became a Master Facilitator and continues to facilitate at SAIT and U of C on an “as needed” basis. Pat and Michelle (above) have also facilitated post-secondary educators in Kazakhstan. Pat also continues to work as a Standardized Patient for the Medical Program and the Veterinary Medicine Program at U of C - as well as WunjoIS, of course!