Team Building - Michelle joined us to present her seminar "Identity Pirates." This thought-provoking experience provided a safe space for growth. Our executives have adjusted their perspectives on interpersonal relationships and the ways they approach their friends, families, and peers. Michelle showed courage in asking questions on Indigenous cultural appropriation and we look forward to cultivating our relationship further. 
~ Indigenous Students' Council, University of Calgary
Michelle was incredibly thorough and effective in pulling out gems along with the important information from our team. In the end, we ended up with a document that is useful on many levels of our organization.
~ Amy Lafleche, Leadership Team, Natural Health Services
 Michelle is a dynamic Keynote presenter. Her passion for education and concepts on communication came through in the participant feedback from the Education conference as life changing, interactive, lots of analogies, and a new perspective on “Identity Pirates”. Her energy filled the room and she left the audience with wanting to hear more.
~ Kimberly Wheelans, Project Coordinator, SAIT Polytechnic Preceptor Education Day
A Discoverer: This is what one will experience if you spend any time at all with Michelle. You may not know where your strengths lie; she will help you discover them. You may be unaware of hidden potential; she will search them out and open them up to you. You may even be quietly uncertain, cautious, and unsteady...welcome to a person who will enable you, enrich you, and encourage you. In the brief weeks that I spent with Michelle at an Instructional Skills Workshop, various unrealized skills and strengths emerged. I am, after a very long time, working at a job that I absolutely love at SAIT Polytechnic...and I owe much of that to Michelle Pearson.
~ Paul Miller, Tutor, SAIT Polytecnic
Wunjo-is Inter-Actors, led by Michelle has been involved in our High Fidelity Simulation in the Diagnostic Imaging programs at SAIT for over 3 years now (2012). The response from students has been fantastic with comments “The Inter-Actors made it feel so real in labs” and the employers indicating to us on several occasions that they noticed students better prepared for practicum. Students developed confidence in dealing with a varied population group prior to actually dealing with the patients in emergency situations.
Building a student’s confidence is everything and the Inter-Actors from Wunjo-is helped contribute to their success! We look forward to our continued relationship with the Inter-Actors and training our students and highly recommend this for all forms of people interaction careers to help build interpersonal skills and confidence. 
~ Lisa Allen, Academic Chair, Diagnostic Imaging Programs, School of Health and Public Safety, SAIT Polytechnic
We were not sure how this was going to work … this “Withdrawal of Care” scenario. There was plenty of skepticism from others and some degree of foreboding from myself. . . Left to our own devices, we would have muddled through not doubt. What made it truly memorable and unique was the [Inter-actors.][Each one] made it very believable and emotional without being maudlin or overwhelming. Their immediate feedback to the participating students was insightful, precise and given with a gentle caring attitude. . .The response from the students has been overwhelmingly positive. . .The students will remember this learning experience for the rest of their careers.
~ Don Leishman, RRT - Respiratory Therapy Program, School of Health and Public Safety, SAIT Polytechnic
I developed a new perspective on life through observing Michelle's empathy for others. Michelle is an asset to any employer because she sees the world in more than black and white. Her multi-coloured approach to life means ideas, strategies and solutions that may be missed by others will be proposed by her. Michelle's unique depth of perception enables her, as a team player, to be a "blindspot detector", forseeing obstacles and challenges before they arise.
~Joshua Peters, Director of Communication, Joy Smith Foundation
Professionalism is very difficult to assess without bias. The Inter-Actors have experience in assessing this and have had no prior knowledge of the students' abilities. The Inter-Actors were well versed in what to look for while the students were performing the ultrasound. Their feedback was valuable. Some comments from the Inter-Actors were items that as sonographers or instructors we wouldn't necessarily perceive...Overall we can see a huge advantage to having used Inter-Actors. I have only skimmed what was apparent to me during my short exposure as to where this might lead in future simulation labs.
~ Carrie, DMS program, School of Health and Public Safety, SAIT Polytechnic
Michelle Pearson brings a positive, dynamic leadership to her work. In my work with Michelle, I have seen her tackle complex problems with creative solutions and an assertive, collaborative style.
She is a pleasure to work with always.
~ Sherri Moore-Arbour, Director of Communications at BCSTA
Michelle is one of those gifted communicators with the ability to see issues from many sides, and to weigh all the evidence before jumping to conclusions. She has strong opinions, but also highly respects the points of view of others, and is never disrespectful. I would not hesitate to partner with Michelle on any project or business enterprise. She is highly engaged and highly committed. She gives absolutely nothing short of stellar work, and is a generous, kind, giving person.
~ Scott Steele, Account Director, Corporate and Public Affairs, Argyle Communications
 I live in Greece and I was looking for some help regarding my business and life. I listen to one of Michelle's podcasts and I get enthusiastic with the way she was thinking. I sent her an email and in a few days we had this wonderful conversation on Skype. Although Michelle live in Canada, I felt her very close to me, like I knew her from years and she manage to help me get into the right path for my work and my life balance. Thank you! 
~ Spiros Paschalis, MS Paschalis, Piraeus, Greece
The process with Michelle is really quite remarkable. I started out with anxiety and a desperate need to improve my communication abilities when public speaking. Michelle has given me new skills that I now trust and use on a regular basis. Now I feel confident and accept the responsibility of the next level of professionalism. There is still more work to do, and this start has set me in the right direction. Thanks for all your help to date and I look forward to my work with Michelle in the near future. 
~ Geordan Clark, Asunya Strategies
I learned, from you, a few life-altering things and words can't even express how important they were in my development. Thank you. You changed my life. 
~ Rick Titan, Wrestling with Consciousness
 I have worked with, and observed the work of, Michelle Pearson over a period of fifteen years or more. I have always found that Michelle brings passion, intelligence, diligence, and honesty to all her endeavours. Her expressed views, no matter how well couched in tact and humour, can be counted on to reflect her position; you can count on Michelle for a sincere and candid opinion.
~ Christopher Youngren, Medical Council of Canada

Thank-you! You have a wonderful service and you taught me a lot about my staff and myself. I feel as though I am managing with a purpose again.
~ Kondwani, General Manager, Gold’s Gym

Thank you Michelle. You have helped me excel in my business. I have a clearer vision in what I need to do and how I need to get there. I will highly recommend you for your outstanding work. I appreciate all your time and effort and I am glad you believe in me.
~ Brian, Courtesy Chrysler

I have found Michelle to be absolutely honest and trustworthy, reliable, conscientious, courteous and completely dependable. She is well organized, efficient and extremely competent having a wonderful positive attitude and a great sense of humour. Michelle is confident and able to communicate with people from all walks of life. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.
~ Anthony Ley, Senior Partner, Alexander G. Ley & Sons, London, England
Michelle Pearson is an intelligent, highly motivated woman who approaches life with passion and integrity.
~ Carrie, Actress, owner Dance4Play

Michelle’s passion and dedication for community, communications, and entrepreneurial spirit will, in my belief, always see her at the door of success. I always leave a conversation with her feeling inspired and energized.
~ Marshall, GT Collision Centre

I just wanted to take a minute to comment on the training session you gave our group.
Although most of us have done the case several times in the last few years, I find that you were still able to open new doors and bring clarity on the way we should think as an S.P. and person during the case and during the feedback session.I feel my work will improve a great deal as an S.P. and as a person in my every day life just from the training you gave on that day. Thank you and keep up the good work.
~Tony Smith, Medical Skills Centre, University of Calgary
 Michelle is great with managing large groups and the one-on-one attention is second to none. She is also trustworthy and holds your standards as high as she would her own. I would highly recommend any organization bringing on such a spectacular person.
~Adrienne, PJB Primeline
Michelle's professionalism and dedication to her clients define her ability to deliver projects on time and on target. Her creative skills enable her to deliver ideas and recommendations beyond expectations. She always puts her clients expectations as her greatest motivator to deliver successful and impactful work. Expect extraordinary when working with Michelle and be prepared to look at your business in a new, brighter light.
~ Ward Stene, Project Coordinator Emergency Medical Responder Program, SAIT Polytechnic