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I'm starting my process of blogging with a rather short thought. Today I wish to offer to you a thought regarding. Perspective is a way of viewing one's situation(s) or idea(s). It seems this might be a better blog for my other company, however, I find it fitting for this site as well. Fitting because as I update my website, I notice that I have a new perspective on the information revealed here.

That new perspective comes from more life experience. I am human, and like many of my clients and loved ones, I have times when I consider myself or my situation very seriously and intently. I elevate the importance of the particular situation or thought to heights or stress levels that are over-reaching. I truly believe this is common and human. But then something happens, either in my life directly, or more often in my "world family", that puts things in perspective.

Relatively recently, we've been witness to devastating earthquakes, tsunamis, revolutionary protests, unexplainable and utterly unfair incurable illnesses, and violence either random or methodical. I believe earnestly that all people not only have a right to feel their own uncomfortable moments, but that it is a necessary process in order to reach resolution. However, once fully aware and present in that uncomfortable moment, if possible (and it isn't always possible), perhaps try to view that moment or thought through a new lens; not a comparative lens, as I think that would be to negate your own situation or feelings, but perhaps a looking glass where some things get bigger and others get smaller. In other words, is it possible that this particular set of thoughts or situation will look differently to you at another time? In another moment? Is it possible that what you are seeing needs attention in this moment? Is it possible that what you are experiencing will look or feel different to all the people around you experiencing the same event?

We are all our own being. And as Wade Davis pointed out, no one is a failed attempt at being you (nor you at being them). It IS possible that you are meant to be feeling exactly what you are feeling in this very moment. I invite you to sit IN it. Try not to feel "comfortable", just feel what you feel and see what grows from that. Become AWARE. And allow others the same journey. Just thoughts....

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