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As I delve further into my masters program in professional communication, I am realizing that I need to develop our blog along with our ramped up marketing campaign. I would like to announce Wunjo’s new “Everythingologist” Alex King. Please welcome her to the team.

Also, we are in the middle of another year with the SAIT x-ray program and we have just completed another fantastic gig with SAIT in the Ultrasound program and out Inter-Actors were once again AMAZING. We received a wonderful testimonial from Carrie sharing her experience with our Inter-Actors. The letter is long and full of accolades that make me burst with pride, so I will share a few tid bits with you:

“Professionalism is very difficult to assess without bias. The Inter-Actors have experience in assessing this and have had no prior knowledge of the students’ abilities. The Inter-Actors were well versed in what to look for while the student was performing the ultrasound. Their feedback was very valuable. Some comments from the Inter-Actors were items that as sonographers or instructors we wouldn’t necessarily perceive…Overall we can see a huge advantage to having access to using Inter-Actors. I have only skimmed what was apparent to me during my short exposure as to where this might lead in future simulation labs.” ~ Carrie DMS program SAIT

In the future, I will be posting about news, updates, client encounters (that we’ve been given permission to share!), tips, and hopefully lots of guest posts from Inter-Actors and clients. I hope you’ll join me in the endeavor.

So share, share, share with your friends. Join our community. Post your comments. Join in the dialogue! I hope you will want to explore the experience of Inter-Actors! I look forward to hearing YOUR thoughts....

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