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Tonight a note regarding perspective. It was a day of reinforcing that lesson today…for me. I am not one who pushes positivity without critical thought. I love those who are capable of thinking positively, but I also admire those who are genuine and authentic – allowing themselves the rainbow of emotions available to humans as a gift. I find Pollyanna-isms or platitudinous phrases to be trite and I feel they devalue a person’s experience. However, when one is able to both value the moment authentically AND find a way to re frame or find a new perspective, well that’s a cherish-able moment for me.

The weather outside tonight is rainy and cold and because I have some physical challenges, that usually foretells a night filled with pain. But, my dog needs his nightly walk. Tonight I was able to take a moment to perceive the misty rain as romantic, to feel the pleasure of my best friend’s company (as my pup is getting older and I am trying to squeeze every moment of joy out of the time I have with him as I possibly can), and to revel in my ability to walk around the block without help. It was a wonderful stroll.

On my walk I noticed two ladies, snuggled under a blanket on their porch, enjoying a cigarette. They were giggling like little girls. We exchanged pleasantries and I admired that though they were uncomfortable being outside, they had made the most of it by giggling under a blanket and finding gratitude for an overhang that was keeping the rain off their heads.

I heard the traffic from a freeway nearby. And though I am usually not thrilled to hear a continual stream of vehicles where a short time ago I heard only the sounds of cattle lowing and coyotes howling, I smiled at the thought that at least the recession is not so bad the whole city cannot afford to drive.

And today in one of my sessions at work, a client felt as though our encounter had derailed when the conversation turned to silence and fear. I shared that in that moment, I felt as though that’s when the conversation held great promise and it was an important turn around; we had obviously shined a spot light upon something truly substantial. Once that moment had been successfully navigated, the relationship sprung into high gear filled with new-found comfort, confidence, and trust.

Mr. Steve Jobs passed away today and many in the world feel the weight of the loss. Tonight I marvel, as I type on my Mac, at how this man, who will never know my name, has deeply affected my life – so many people’s lives. I don’t see how much he will be missed, but rather how much he will be remembered.

Perspective. Sometimes when you’re deep in the thick of darkness, it is difficult to see a positive perspective. I think this is acceptable as it allows you to develop tolerance and compassion for others who struggle. My wish for you tonight is that when you are released from those times of darkness you might find a way to observe the new perspective you found. Perhaps those times could be compared to one who is blind and one has sight. Just because one is blind and can only observe darkness, it does not mean he is unhappy or cannot get anything out of each experience. And just because someone can see colour and brightness, it does not mean she will only have joyful experiences or can see all that has occurred in front of her. Blind people often detect more in their darkness than sighted people detect in the light. A mind open to many differing perspectives will likely experience more valuable moments of growth both in darkness and in light.

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