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By A Web Design

“These people are not a failed attempt at being you!” ~ Wade Davis


He doesn’t know it, but when I heard the renowned anthropologist/ethnobotanist Wade Davis say the words you see above, he changed my perception of interacting with people so wholly that this phrase has become one of my mottos. Mr. Davis was explaining to his audience that when North Americans go to third world countries they often try to enlighten the indigenous people with the North American ways, changing them, or at least asking them to see that the new way is better. I realized in a millisecond “ah-ha” moment that every person’s way of being has equal value – though not always equal effectiveness.

My approach is to recognize there is not one “formula” for everyone. I see each person/company as individual, already valuable and unique. My purpose is to offer distinctive insight and awareness, present all the facets of communicating, and from there allow people to make informed choices as to how they decide to interact with others.

I believe it takes great courage to invite someone into your world to observe and make honest comment on what they have observed. My passion is to see the light of awareness and discovery shine in a person’s eyes.