I have found Michelle to be absolutely honest and trustworthy, reliable, conscientious, courteous and completely dependable. She is well organized, efficient and extremely competent having a wonderful positive attitude and a great sense of humour. Michelle is confident and able to communicate with people from all walks of life.

~ Anthony Ley, Senior Partner, Alexander G. Ley & Sons

Full Workshop Facilitation

Wunjo IS designing and building workshops specifically for your personal or company’s needs. Our master facilitators create and manage using a friendly, natural, and authentic style offering the participants the safety and comfort needed to take risks and achieve successful outcomes. Our facilitators are change agents. We enable the discovery of problems and solutions – improving work and home life effectiveness. Facilitation promotes creativity, innovation, and self-efficacy.

Wunjo IS real life experiences, a multitude of learning styles, straight talk, and a whole lot of fun. We use a participatory and revelatory approach.

Wunjo IS offers Instructional Skills Workshops (ISW); a peer-based, participatory certification course designed for trainers, instructors, human resource officers, managers, mentors, and anyone who instructs or facilitates others within your organization. Sessions focus on performance objectives, questioning skills, constructive feedback, learning styles, assessment techniques, and learning environment. Refine your skills, explore new approaches, interact with colleagues, and build confidence! ISW certificates are recognized world-wide.

Wunjo offers the Collaborative Feedback Workshop; a model designed so that participants work together to excavate the feelings and motivations behind behaviours. This model uses a non-evaluative framing that encourages empowerment and choice.

Currently we are developing a new technique called Fa-Thrill-itation™. Stay tuned!