Building a student’s confidence is everything and the Inter-Actors from Wunjo-is helped contribute to their success! We highly recommend this for all forms of people interaction careers to help build interpersonal skills and confidence.
~ Lisa Allen, Academic Chair SAIT Diagnostic Imaging Programs

Inter-Actor™ Coaching

Simulation Training With Feedback

(Sensitivity Training)

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a chance to practice life before you live it?

Would you like to get inside the mind and heart of another human being?

That's what Wunjo IS.

Wunjo IS uses actors highly trained in simulation and feedback techniques. This approach is used world wide to train medical students, doctors, chiropractors, veterinary medicine students, lawyers, financial advisors, clergy, psychiatrists, sales staff, mediators and so many more. Why not try it with your company? Inter-Actors™ are trained to work one-on-one or with a group. The feedback is a safe, accessible model where people are invited into the minds and hearts of their clients. It is truly amazing what an Inter-Actors™ can do to increase learning and awareness, which leads to insightful outcomes and increased client care.

Why use Inter-Actors™ instead of role-playing with staff or using a simulation model?

Inter-Actors™ help create realism that is rarely possible with non-actors and in the process they draw the participants into the realism they have created. They “become” another person complete with real feelings and reactions. Inter-Actors™ can become people that other participants would find too intense or displeasing and therefore too difficult to role-play themselves. Inter-Actors™ can adjust the encounter according to the client’s comfort level and needs. Inter-Actors™ focus on interaction and communication rather than procedure. Every encounter not only provides learning and practice, but also a successful outcome!

When incorporating Inter-Actors™, NO ONE is faking!

This is REAL LIFE…. In a safe setting!