Although Michelle live in Canada, I felt her very close to me, like I knew her from years and she manage to help me get into the right path for my work and my life balance. Thank you!
~Spiros Paschalis, MS Paschalis, Piraeus, Greece

One-on-one Coaching

Client Relations, Personal Relations, Public Speaking, Sales

Most people have heard the term soft skills also known as the concept of people skills or interpersonal skills. Technique or technical skills are of course necessary to succeed in a work environment. When combined with interpersonal skills, your company will experience client retention, employee retention, and enjoyment retention. Who are the people to whom you give return business? Who are your go-to people in the office? Who are your trusted advisors? Who are your favourite presenters? Do you know why? Would you like to be that person to others? Face-to-face with one of our lead consultants, you will have an opportunity to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask and get straight talk. We will assist you in honing your confidence, being heard, and becoming a more effective communicator - from body language to word choices. We tailor our approach specifically for your needs. Specialties in this area include SENSITIVITY TRAINING and ASSUMPTION BUSTING.

Wunjo IS also available for Skype consulting world-wide!