Thank-you! You have a wonderful service and you taught me a lot about my staff and myself. I feel as though I am managing with a purpose again.
~ Kondwani, General Manager, Gold’s Gym

Team Building

Communication Strategies For Effective Teamwork

Gather your team together for a strategy session on how to communicate as a TEAM. Discover how familiarity affects your interpersonal skills. Understand how the whole team affects the perception of the client. This approach can be with one consultant or in tandem with Inter-Actors™. Team building is a common buzzword that means different things to different people and groups. To us, it means discovering what your unique team requires to function most efficiently and effectively. This could mean:

  • understanding learning, behavioural, or working styles
  • increased relationship building
  • discovering breakdowns in communication – reducing miscommunication and resulting conflict
  • creating a new team culture
  • defining goals, vision, and roles
  • building trust
  • strategies for innovating and problem solving
  • team re-alignment
  • clear leadership

Wunjo IS offers the approach that fits your company’s needs for developing your team - achieving commitment and results.